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The Flower of ascendency - A Frostgrave Campaign (Prologue)

Princess Beatrice breathed shallowly in her bed attended by her physicians. They watched helplessly as her colour faded each day, the poison that gripped her now edging the fight with her immune system. They did what they could despite their growing anxiety, their hope now fixed on the power of magic rather than that of medicine. For two days ago Red-dawn the Wise, the once recluse wizard of Oakley Forest, had emerged from his haven and made haste to the capital. His arrival causing double the consternation among the civilian folk - his re-appearance obviously signalled a moment of crises and his sudden showing didn't bode well for the ailing princess.

The outspoken worry was justified. The young Beatrice was 3 full moons away from ascending the throne of Grailand. The only surviving relative of King Cuthbert (his Niece) the 15 year old Princess had been tutored these past 6 months by scores of academics, courtiers, and Church Mothers. Yet 4 days ago she failed to wake - not even the physicians summoned by her handmaidens could rouse the girl. With each passing day her colour paled and her breath shallowed.

It was on the eve of the fourth day that she was visited by the reclusive Wizard. Her handmaidens scattered in alarm at his sudden appearance and summoned her Ward - General Gethwin. Gethwin found the Wizard by the side of Beatrice's bed eyebrows furrowed in deep concern. He silently signalled the guards to stay their distance at the chamber door as he approached the other side of the bed.

"Poisened Red-Dawn. No doubt by that braggart Dorhan and his cultist lackeys" stated Gethwin, his eyes saddening by the worsening of the Princess. "Since Cuthbert's passing Dorhan has upped his machinations and his devilry - it is no secret that the Cult of Cleansing pulls his strings and agitates his ambitions. It would suit them well to install him as puppet so that they can burn down the Churches and build their foul temples on the burnt ashes". Gethwin's face reddened as he spoke. He lifted his eyes from the Princess and searched Red-Dawn's face for signs of a response.

For what seemed an age the Wizard said nothing.

Then without turning to Gethwin Red-Dawn spoke. "That may be well true royal Ward but that fact does not help the Princess."

Gethwin's face reddened deeper.

"She has the poison of the leach soul within her. The only cure lies in the spirit renewed potion - its main ingredient the Amber Lotus" Red-Dawn added.

General Gethwin's brow furrowed. "That is not a flower I have heard of in Grailand" he said. "Indeed" stated the Wizard, "it is only known to grow in Khemish". Gethwin's face elongated in surprise "In the Kingdom of the Desert Ruins?" he asked. "That is so General" Red-Dawn answered.

"But that is a god forsaken wasteland full of bones and banshee's. How do we find a flower in such a putrid expanse?" Gethwin's voice was now sounding alarmed.

"I must look, it is the Princess's only hope" said Red-Dawn.

"It also will be Grailands only hope" added the General.

"That it may' the Wizard said quietly.

"What do you need Wizard? I can ready my best squadrons" announced Gethwin.

Again a elongated silence.

"That will take too long and will prick too many ears and catch too many eyes" the Wizard announced. " I will just need a few chosen to start with, some gold to hire replacements when they are dead and a swift and silent departure" Red-Dawn added.

General Gethwin nodded with gritted jaw. "I will make hasty arrangements, the men and money will be ready within the hour" he said, turning away from the Wizard and back to the door, not waiting for any reply.

Gethwin was just at the door when the Wizard spoke again. "I will need one more thing General". Gethwin turned back and looked questioningly. "Sister Magdelene, she will accompany me" Red-Dawn stated. General Gethwin left the chamber unable to hide the surprised look that now adorned his face. He beckoned the guards to follow him.

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