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Battle of Tel-El-Kebir a la 10mm style!

Dave, Richard and myself decided to combine a number of needs for a game night. We wanted to test out Death in a Dark Continent rules again for my 10mm Sudan forces, use Dave's trenches and deploy some new painted units. The result? A 10mm version of the battle of Tel-El-Kebir.

The Egyptians prepare for the British Assault

Dave Umpired, Rich took on the Egyptians and I waxed my moustache in preparation to lead the British forces. Above you can see the Egyptian infantry and artillery on the right flank. Egyptian cavalry lurk behind the low hills.

Eyes front!

The British allied forces deploy and start to advance. You can see Rich's Egyptian central defences straight ahead! The Egyptian artillery open up immediately trying to range in on my eclectic army. With stiff upper lips and shells starting to burst ever closer, the Anglo Army trudges onwards.

"Blimey sir those Gyptians are finding our positions!"

The Egyptian artillery starts to range in and cause some hits amongst the British advance. Several units in the British centre take fire. Richard also moves up his infantry reserves to counter the British advance on both his flanks. Meanwhile the British have deployed their own artillery.

"Good going on the left Sir!"

While the British get peppered in the centre the left and right flanks make good progress - enemy artillery flies ineffectively overhead. The Highlanders (in the middle left ) lead the way. Cavalry support covers the rear.

"Fix 10mm bayonets!"

Meanwhile on the right flank the British advance suddenly meets effective firing from the defenders. Richard orders his cavalry squadrons to advance and support the defensive line. British artillery becomes effective scoring hits against the Egyptian artillery perched on the hills and also against the deploying cavalry.

"Wait....wait hold your fire sonny Jim!"

The British left flank continues its push despite withering fire from the defenders. Casualty and pin markers start to take their toll. Its a pivotal moment on this flank - will the British hold their nerve sufficiently to be able to charge in?


Rich's defenders weren't doing too badly down the line in putting down fire. Despite this the British centre and right flank managed to hold its nerve and charge in with devastating results. You can see above that the British right flank completely swamped the Egyptian left flank - who were either cut down or melted in panic back to their own camp positions. A fiercer struggle ebbed and flowed in the centre - and despite mounting casualties the British units managed to come out on top.

The tables turn

On the left, somehow the British (inspired by the Highlanders) not only stand punishment but actually start to pour effective firepower into the Egyptian trenches. The British cavalry and mounted infantry move up to exploit the gaps in the enemy positions and even manage to occupy a section of the defences. Fierce hand to hand fighting ensues (as you can see from all the tokens!). Its all or nothing for the Egyptians.

It suddenly gets nightly lonely for the Egyptian Commander!

Events in the centre get worse for the Egyptians - when despite taking heavy losses themselves the British manage to overwhelm the defences and defenders. The rather isolated Egyptian commander looks around desperately for some familiar supporting faces. None sadly volunteer to stop forward to save him. He conceded defeat before he has to argue his point against British steel.

A good game which was actually closer than it looked in these photos. Again the rules worked really well to give a realistic feel to the battle. The 10mm units looked great deployed across the expansive table.

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