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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.....

Its been a while that we have posted anything - work commitments have mostly got in the way of all four of us getting together. However we managed it last night. So we dusted off the 7TV rules and got out some special toys.....

Somewhere on Endor......

So we borrowed Dexter's (my six year old son's toys) and played a 7TV Star Wars 'goes large' episode.

The basic premise was that the Empire had set up a satellite and tractor beam facility. General Veer's and a small garrison, aided by Boba Fett added security to the site. They were to ensure the integrity of the site. Failure would not be received well by the Emperor.

Boba Fett and General Veer's oversee the Emperor's bidding on Endor.

Of course the rebels were going to try and spoil Palpatine;s Party. They had despatched a small strike force to Endor. Their mission was to disable the facility and if possible have R2D2 access an information terminal to download what intelligence was available from the site.

Chewy and Han ready to gatecrash the Imperial party.

Mark and Dave quickly elected to bat for the Empire (Mark even volunteered that he'd be happy to wear a full sized Boba Fett costume - obviously in the spirit of the game....?). Mark took Boba Fett, a scout trooper and 2 stormtroopers. Dave adopted the persona of General Veers, assisted by an Imperial Officer and two stormtroopers.

Richard and I were left with the Rebels. Richard took Han Solo, R2D2 and two rebel commando's and I was left with Chewy, a spy and two rebel commando's.

Objective markers were placed thus:

One on the generator building (right hand side of the picture below), two on the tractor beam (middle of the picture and one on the satellite (left hand side of picture). The rebels would also gain an objective counter if R2D2 was still in play by the end of the game and an extra one if R2D2 also managed to download any intel (signified by spending one full turn at any of the placed objective markers).

The Imperials had to deploy within the confines of the facility (the narrow corridor in the centre of the table) and the Rebels at either end of the table. Richard elected to deploy to the northern jungle (top end of the table) and I set up to the souther edge around an old temple.

We diced for turn order whited turned out to be: Han Solo's team first, General Veer's second, Chewy third and Boba Fett last.

The first turn saw Han Solo, R2D2 and the commando's skulk through the forest towards the northern entrance of the Tractor Beam Facility. The Rebels were still out of range. General Veer's turn saw him deploy to counter Han Solo's progress and also position stormtroopers on the souther entrance and on the actual tractor beam (I am not sure Emperor Palpatine would have appreciated any scratched paintwork to his equipment!). The Imperials had no clear shots available.

Chewy spies the facility from the edge of the forest.....

Chewy's turn saw the spy (blue skinned figure) move up to the edge of the jungle and try and speculative shot at Boba Fett. She missed (and would soon regret her actions!). Chewy and the two other commando's moved to the edge of the forest threatening the southern entrance.

Mark's turn. A rather fortuitous event card saw the rebel spy being dropped into the middle of the facility (obviously Boba Fett using his rocket flying skills with aplomb). With the same action Mark swapped his Scout trooper into her former position (he had pulled a 'Swap Characters Card').

uh-oh! this doesn't look good for our rebel spy.....

A quick scan and a large gulp she soon realised she was now surrounded by three stormtroopers and Boba Fett. She suddenly felt as effective as a chocolate teapot. Her anxiety didn't last long - as she was cut down in a hail of imperial blaster fire! Actually - she was finished off by rather deadly fire from a chuckling Boba Fett (which prompted much mirth on the characteristic accuracy of the stormtroopers).

One dead spy.....

Are we done here - I have another delivery......

Han Solo's team attempted some instant revenge. Both commando's poured fire into the northern facility entrance. Despite some brave defending Dave's Imperial Officer laid down his life for the Emperor.

The Imperials tried to return fire but couldn't hit the rebels lurking at the edges of the forest. An error with their comms (Rich pulled an event card that halved the imperial action points) resulted in them being limited in their ability to react. To the south Chewy and the other commando's took advantage and made a dash for the southern entrance. They even managed to take down one of the stormtroopers on the southern gate.

Things were looking more positive for the alliance!

Then Mark took his turn and things turned nasty! Mark pulled the blast marker event card and disabled Han Solo and a commando from doing anything this turn. Boba Fett rocketed into a good firing position and managed to wound Chewy! To make matters worse the scout trooper also got a lucky shot and downed the walking carpet! Things were looking decidedly shaky for the Rebels.


Richard moved R2D2 into the compound and his other commando into position. On Dave's turn his remaining stormtrooper took out the nearest of Rich's rebel commando's and General Veers took cover into the land speeder. The remainder of Chewy's squad concentrated their fire on the deadly Boba Fett. They used up a fair few action points. The investment paid off. With the last roll of the dice blaster fire hit Boba Fett's rocket pack and jettisoned him out of the game!

That's gotta hurt!

Mark took his turn. He drew an event card - "replace one of the opposing extra's back into play". Mark selected one of Richard's downed commando's and placed him within Chewy's remaining squad. Mark then moved his scout trooper out of cover to take some shots at the rebels on the south gate. Luckily for the rebels in true stormtrooper fashion he didn't hit anything. Richard moved R2D2 further towards an objective marker. Dave's lone stormtrooper atop the tractor beam shot but failed to hit. However Dave had drawn the on fire event card and placed it over R2D2 - who was now on fire! My remaining rebels to the south managed to take out the scout trooper, the stormtrooper on the tractor beam AND secure an objective!

Carnage at the southern gate!

Mark's turn. He drew an event card. 'End of Episode' ! The game would finish at the end of Mark's turn. Mark's remaining stormtroopers elected to pour fire and take out the smoking R2D2. You can guess how this is going to end...... Mark threw in all his action points to attack and Richard matched with his own action points to defend. Some nail biting as the dice were thrown.Imperial blaster fire went everywhere - except on the robot! The game ended.

The winners?

The Imperials had control over 3 objective markers (15 points) and the rebels has one objective marker and R2D2 in play (15 points) !! A draw? Not quite.....R2D2 had a wound and as a co-star that counted as an extra victory point to the Empire. The Imperials carried the day (just!). The Rebel Alliance would have to do what it does best - regroup and try again!

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