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More 54mm American War of Independence Units

The painting and basing spree continues.

I managed to paint and base up on Friday morning a unit of light infantry -representing the 2nd Canadian Regiment that fought for the Continentals.

These are BMC figures - which paint up ok in my opinion and look the part of the table.

I also managed to base up another unit of British Light Infantry - painted by my friend Graham Ellis.

These are the new LOD Enterprises figures. The only slight issue with these is that the muskets tend to bend and be quite hard to get back into shape. However, they are full of flair and add more light capacity to my British (who now have three light units). I like the basing on these guys.

Next up I also managed to base up a regiment of Canadian Loyalists who fought for the British in the war.

These are a mix of accurate figures. Nice variety and again they look pretty impressive on the field.

All in all a constructive morning.

The British lights and the above Canadian Loyalists actually saw action in my Second AWI campaign game which I will post up on here.


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