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Medieval Muster

Having spent (like many people!) an obscene amount of time on video calls - I moved my paint station and lead pile over to where I am working.

I have managed to work my way through various periods recently - adding to my eclectic collections. Last week was 28mm WW2, followed by 54mm AWI and this week is has mostly been Medieval.

Before we look through the Medieval paint fest output I will start with a group of Berber cavalry to add to my extensive French in Africa collection. Perry Miniatures converted for the 19th Century period. I was pretty pleased with a days work on them.

and some extra camel baggage and dismounted markers

and here are a few shots of my WW2 output - some spare motorcycles and machine guns teams for my Italians.

Some more Aussies to bolster the ranks

With a few more support options

So this week the painting time machine whizzed back to Medieval times.

Some more mounted men at arms

Another rabble of peasants

Some more fortunate and less fortunate townsfolk

Another spear unit

and another

and some old grenadier light gun bases!

and lastly a flying Wizard (for my Fantasy Campaign)

on the workbench for the coming zoom calls next week are some more French Foreign Legion and Berbers, some fantasy cultists, some Dwarves, some North African excavation site crew and more medieval.

Not a bad week of production so far.


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