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Mexican 'Boom Booms'

I managed to add a fair new pieces of support for my extensive 28mm Mexican Revolution collection this week.

The additional artillery park. Dynamite gun, Potato Digger, Gatling gun, mountain gun and French Saint-Chamond-Mondragón.

These give me lots of options for the Chain of command army lists I have developed. I have deliberately enabled either side to field crews as these weapons were used by all forces in the conflict.

Government 'potato digger' and crew.

US Artillery using the Dynamite gun.

Revolutionary Gatling gun

US Army manning 'potato digger'.

US Army manning the french gun - they have obviously captured it south of the border!

US Army moving with a Machine Gun.

Mexican dynamite boys (and girl!)

Vancho Pilla and several of his 'revolutionary children'.

Several more Soldaderas

Not a bad week's painting!

For period artillery photo's check this link out.


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