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Mexican Imposters!

I have managed to build up quite a nice collection of 28mm Mexican Revolution figures for both sides of the conflict and including a train. The availability of figures for this conflict is limited in 28mm, with the biggest range from Old Glory and some side additions available from the likes of Gringo40's, Dixon Miniatures, Brigade, Pulp etc.

So I wanted to see what other units I could add from 'nearly fit' other ranges. So I did a bit of a search and my first sortie was with Irregular Miniatures, Tiger Miniatures and Artisan.

Here are some of my existing figures. Machine guns and dismounted Mexican Federale Cavalry from Old Glory, overlooked by a command group from Brigade. The Old Glory Figures were painted by Rhys Humphrey (who takes commission work) and the command group by myself.

So first up in my effort to swell the Government ranks are a couple of gun limbers from Irregular. I bought a couple of their WW1 limbers. I thought they painted up really nicely and will fit in well and can be used by both sides in reality!

Next up I bought several packs of Artisan plains war infantry. There are various photo's of Mexican troops dressed in similar style to these and in reference books (Eg: Osprey Elite The Mexican Revolution - check plates D and H).

So these are what I started with:

And these were what I ended up with:

I mixed in a few Gringo40's Mexican troops in Sombrero's - as I thought this would enable me to field these figures for both sides (both as Villista and Constitutionalists). I was quite happy in terms of the end result!

Next up - Tiger Miniatures. I took some of their Balkan War Greek Regular cavalry:

and turned them into Federale regular cavalry:

Again I was pleasantly surprised by the result! They fit in very nicely and give me another 10 cavalry figures to the 30 odd I have already.

I even used several Tiger miniatures for some spare figures and a Mexican General!

Next up - I took some Gringo40's Maximillian troops and painted them up as early war Government troops/police. These will also work really well for my 28mm French in Mexico collection.

Last up - I bought some Pulp miniatures blisters and painted these up as US volunteers - with a Lewis gun!

Overall I was happy with the 'imposter' figures and they will add some variety to my existing collection!


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