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We've been expecting you Mr Bond (but in truth we're rather annoyed how deadly you are!).

This week saw Dave, Rich and myself fielding our teams to fight over some middle eastern artefacts - scattered around a familiar looking film set.

The real Mr Bond........

As we remembered it at the Cinema in the 80's....

As my scratch build modelling talents reproduced it....

We have really got into the spirit of 7TV over the last few months. While we are still learning about all the different character quirks and skills (usually by a surprise enemy action on the game table!) we have a really good grasp of the rules now.

If you have never played 7TV you should. If you love 70/80's Spy films you DEFINiTELY should.

Anyway on to the game.

As I had over the previous games I deployed my Dr Maybe and his expendable minions

"Smile for the camera or its the shark tank for you!"

So team UDDER (UNION for DICTATORS, DESPOTS, EVIL-DOER's and RENEGADES) was up to their nefarious actions again. This time UDDER'S Chairmen, Dr Maybe (Evil Mastermind) personally led a team of Bobberjob (Bodyguard), Switchblade (female ninja co-star), Minion Commander and 3 Minion guards. 'Chomp' sadly had an urgent appointment at the dentist as a result of his last outing.....

Deployed to counter UDDER was Dave's TEAM GB. Comprising of suitably attired Flamboyant Agent, an unsuitably attired Queen's own household guard leader and two guardsmen and a sniper. Accompanying them was a rather overdressed administrator (who must be claiming too many expenses by the looks of the lapels).

To make matters more complicated the Russian Mafia had deployed their own team under the leadership of Rich. The eastern contingent had some agents (rogue), some thugs and an administrator (with an uncanny likeness to a certain female British Prime minister).

Dr Maybe and Bobberjob deployed to the east of the ruins - near the local town suburbs and opposite Rich's mafia thugs.Both team eyed several of the game objectives (blue chips).

Dave's stiff upper lip British team lurked to the west - waiting to see who made the first play.

Rich's Russians made a rush for the central ruins - and Dr Maybe and Bobberjob (having grabbed an objective marker) moved forward to counter this Eastern expansionism. A game of 'not so hide and seek' was entered and pistol shots started to ring out shattering the early morning peace.

Meanwhile Switchblade and the Minion Leader and two minions advanced into some cover to try and counter the British advance (coming in from the left).

On cue, Mr Bond makes his deadly appearance and immediately despatches an UDDER minion - it should be noted that Dave's quips were not as good as Roger Moore's. Things looked precarious for the UDDER team lead by Switchblade in the ruins to the right of the screen.

In the centre UDDER's firepower was unusually accurate - and a thug and administrator bit some dust (or sand in this case).

At this stage Rich charged one of his Rogue agents and thug at Switchblade who had managed to procure the main game objective (red token). While Switchblade took a wound (yellow marker) from a well aimed shot - one of the minions used his 'block' skill to intercept the Russian thug (intent on finishing off the Udder assassin).

Meanwhile Mr Bond continued to be unsporting and cut through the minion numbers with deadly aplomb. Nothing my minions could do do stop him - they didn't even stimulate an eyebrow raise! Fortunately Dr Maybe had the ability to bring on more minions as his forces dwindled. If nothing else my orange jump suited men stalled Mr Bond's leisurely stroll among the ruins.

Then UDDER had some luck. I pulled the event card that enabled me 'reposition an enemy character'. In an effort to cause some distraction to Dave and disrupt his plot point generation I got his Guardsman leader to sprint into the open between two fields of fire. Dr Maybe looked on with satisfaction as his minions suitably despatched the Queen's servant. Pity he could not savour the gunshot wounds against that vivid red tunic!

The fight just in front of Mr Bond had got vicious. The Russian thug had taken out a minion and in return the Minion leader had taken him out. Rich's Rogue Agent had snatched the main objective from Switchblade but became incapacitated by the 'no models can move twice this turn' card. Rather frustrating to have the game objective but not be in a clear place to 'own' it.

At this point the scene ended. UDDER had two sub plot points, the Russian Mafia had 1 sub plot point and Dave also had one plot point. The main game objective was disputed. UDDER would have won this encounter if they hadn't lost so many minions to Dave's Bond.

Stroking his feline companion rather briskly Dr Maybe made his escape muttering "One day Mr day."

Another fun and furious game which lurched in all directions making sure none of us was sure the outcome until the last dice roll. Rich and I learned a new respect for Mr Bond and I liked the limitless recruitment capability of my evil mastermind Dr Maybe. Dave learned that red tunics and busby's make easy targets against a sand coloured background.

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