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AWI Campaign Game 3: The Guns at Stony Point

Campaign Map after game 2 (British gains in Red and American in Blue)

Follow these links to game 1 and game 2

Following the capture of Livingstone House and the narrow escape of Major Joseph Hawley, The British Commander Major Mantague Roysten plans his next move. Roysten elected not to immediately pursue Hawley - instead consolidating his position, giving his men time to rest and wait for supplies to catch up. At the moment supplies have to be landed and brought up slowly through Wilson Creek - the Royal Navy cannot at the moment navigate up the River Dunn as there is an American Gun battery blocking the river at Stony Point. Clearing that battery would enable to RN to land supplies more expediently there.

Whilst Roysten plans a raid against Stony Point, Major Hawley and the remnants of his force have retreated along the road to Pimms Estate - grateful that the redcoats have elected to rest and recoup rather than pursue him.

The American Battery at Stony Point guarding the entry up the Dunn River

Major Roysten decides swiftness is in order rather than might. If he waits too long to build up further forces to attack Stony Point en masse he will give the enemy time of their own to consolidate.

For the game Sharp Practice was used and my extensive collection of 54mm figures (which includes Accurate, Imex, Barszo, LOD, 3D prints). It was a good excuse to also use my recently added 3d printed and painted Scottish Light troops.

As well as my new American and British Jump off point markers.

Roysten despatches a mixed force of 4 units of light infantry, 1 unit of Scottish lights and 1 unit of provincial loyalist rangers. Captain Gordon a status 3 leader commands and he has 2 status 2 leaders and a status 1 leader at his disposal. Captain Gordon's force starts with a Force Morale of 9. The hastily arranged attack is a gamble as he is unsure of the strengths of the rebels awaiting him at Stony Point.

The road to Stony Point

The British also elect to bring a mobile deployment point 0 which they place in the orchard to the left of the main British deployment point (above). Looking along the road you can just make out the gun positions overlooking the river in the far distance and the American camp top right.

Unbeknown to the British - Stony Point is pretty well garrisoned. The American Commander there - Captain Vutaine (Leader Status 2) has 2 units of state regulars, 4 units of militia and 2 units of riflemen - as well as the guns and crew of the shore battery under a Junior Leader Status 2. He also has three other officers - two status level 2 and one status 1. He starts with a Force Morale of 8.

The British roll and manage to get two free turns to deploy and move. Two units of lights and the Scots are deployed along the main road - while the other units of lights and loyalists deploy from the mobile zone in the orchard.

The second group of British Lights and Loyalist troops make haste and are already within in sight of the American gun positions and camp before the alarm is sounded!

The American state troops and riflemen form up to counter the surprise attack.

Firing from the Scottish light troops proves to be both accurate and deadly and one of the American riflemen units is already in trouble.

Meanwhile the other British lights have existed the orchard and have started to engage the American militia screening the gun battery.

The Loyalist riflemen start taking pot shots from the edges of the orchard at their patriotic counterparts - and start to inflict some shock.

The noose tightens - as some lucky card pulls mean the British are able to bring more units to bear and add to their firepower against the American camp. The Americans have already lost a unit of riflemen and another looks less than happy. Some lucky shooting also sees one of the rebel Leaders wounded - and the American Force morale drops 2 points to 7.

The battle ebbs and flows - as the Americans now get some luck and manage to activate their gun crews - who rush to turn their cannons inland against the oncoming redcoats!

The American guns start to worry the British advancing up the main road. Accumulating shock there is little cover from the incoming shells.

The other group of British lights try to press home their attack and clear the American militia so they get a clear field against the American gun positions. The Americans start collecting quite a bit of shock but still hold!

Despite the welcomed support of the artillery - the situation in the rebel camp is looking concerning. A second unit of state troops is deployed to bolster things. As can be seen from the first unit of State Troops to the top left - shock is mounting as the Americans face withering fire on two sides from the redcoats. The first unit of state troops are eventually forced to retire under fire - and while they manage to regroup the American Force Morale drops to 6.

The American gun battery keeps up the pressure - offering some hope to the Americans. Shock is starting to mount on the first unit of British Lights and they also start to take casualties. A second group of American Riflemen break however and a second officer is wounded and knocked out and the American Force morale drops a further 2 points to 4!

The American militia screening the gun positions despite a gallant attempt finally succumb to all that shock, first retiring and then breaking. American Force morale drops to 3 and the gun positions are now exposed to a still relatively effective force of British Lights.

The Americans send out a messenger to the garrison commander at Fort Briggs that the situation has become untenable and to send support at his expediency.

The heavy fighting around the camp intensifies and faced with mounting shock and casualties the first group of American State troops break and make a run for it - at the same time the other unit of British Light troops - charge in and take the guns! The American Force Morale drops to 0 and Stony Point falls into the hands of the redcoats.

The remaining American troops scatter into the surrounding countryside - some managing to find their way to Fort Briggs - while others blend into the woods. The Americans lost 22 casualties and two wounded leaders. The British in comparison loose only 7 and suffer one wounded leader. Runners are sent to Major Roysten at Livingstone House inviting the Royal Navy to drop anchor at Stony Point!

Stunned at the loss of Stony Point the Americans don't hang about - they despatch a strong force to immediately take it back..... TO BE CONTINUED....


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