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The Ballad of Dr Cranium Game 2: An unexpected interception.

The Northern edge of Chalan, capital of Haakar, one of many market areas. Scene for the next episode of our Dr Cranium story.


Following their scrape with the Cult of Cleansing the crew engaged in a number of activities. Dr Cranium attended to Klaang in the ships sickbay. Jones and Gabby went to the markets to see what they could trade. Jones managed to bargain for a trinket which she recognised and the trader had no idea what its worth was. It turned out to be a luxury trinket - which she went on to trade for 3 grenades and a military fuel cell in the back streets. Gabby added another blade and a handgun to the armoury.

Priest met with the Government contact who indicated another available job - protecting a newly arrived low level dignitary who wanted to take in the markets. Ji-Aan went digging around the black market and managed to scrounge some spare parts for the ship for future repairs.

With Klaang making a recovery the rest of the crew headed out to meet with the dignitary who wanted to tour the market areas.

Taking to the early morning streets the crew noticed the usual crowds thinning as they neared one of the many gate houses. Turning a corner into yet another market area the party suddenly found themselves alone, in what should have been a bustling street. Priest nodded at a few of the windows - where blurred shapes could be seen peeking out from blinds and curtains.

Up ahead, at the end of the street, there was movement and the party watched as several figures spilled on to the street from one of the gatehouses. Though someway ahead the party could not mistake the bright coloured uniforms of local planet militia.

"Ms Jones" said Dr Cranium inquisitively, "just where did you acquire those military fuel cells again?"

A low growl emanated from Ji-Aan.

"Whaaat?" replied Jones shrugging her shoulders?

"Ji-Aan come with me" Dr Cranium moved off of the street to the left "Priest if you would be so kind as to take the ladies to the right". Priest nodded. Gabby unslung her infantry laser rifle and tapped the safety off. " I don't need any babysitting doc" she declared. Jones thought she saw Gabby scowl at her before she followed priest?

"Whaaaaat?" Jones said again, following sheepishly.

Jones, Ji-Aan, Dr Cranium, Priest and Gabby head back from the markets


The scene is set. Dr Cranium and the crew enter to the right, while a local militia patrol blocks their route top left.

Who stole one of our military fuel cells?

The local militia had been tracking Jones and had despatched a patrol with one of their hired guns to 'intercept' the party and regain the missing fuel cell. The patrol consisted of two militia with handguns and one with a colony rifle. The hired hand was a tough cookie, a wandering Precurser called 'The Red'. He had +2 combat skill, was one with the flow (which allowed him to move any other character and he came with a 6+ saving throw on top of his 4 toughness rating. The local militia must have been confident of his abilities having only sent three men along to ride shotgun.


DR Cranium and Ji-Aan move to the left, while Priest, Jones and Gabby peel off to the right. Opposite them, two militia follow 'Red' and the other two slink into the back alleys.

Gabby holds back and manages to get a bead on Red. She fires at long range and manages to hit! Red's toughness saves him and he is knocked back and stunned by the opportunity fire.

Red return fire but his show goes astray.

Elsewhere the Dr and Ji-Aan take up defensive positions outside the local cantina; Jones has one of the militia in her sights and manages to take her down.

The hired gun "Red' pushes on aggressively and having the first move manages to swiftly move up on Priest and take him down! Gabby watches on in horror. The Militia don't get it all their own way, however, as the Dr and Ji-Aanget the upper hand in their gunfight near the cantina. Another militia drops to the floor as his comrade looses heart and fleas the field. The left side is now clear of militia.

Ji-Aan manages to move up and outflank 'Red" and his shooting unnerves the mercenary and he retreats to better cover.

Gabby manages to move up to Priest - taking advantage of Ji-Aan's covering fire. She manages to stick a stim pack into his neck - stabilising him.

Having stabilised Priest, Gabby moves up with Jones to try and outflank Red. Taking having fire from both Ji-aan, the Doc and Jones - Red falls back again. Red takes two hits - using his luck point to avoid the consequence of one shot and managing to save against his toughness on the other - he is still stunned and knocked back.

Gabby gets a lucky shot and applies the Coup de Grace to Red - who falls slumping against a wall.


With the militia down Cranium sends Ji-Aan and Gabby to scour the field and check the fallen. Ji-Aan finds a document on one of the militia and the crew gain a quest rumour. Gabby finds 2 credits worth of loot and a laser rifle sight she takes from one of the militia casualties. As the crew pick over the battlefield some of the locals start to emerge from the nearby buildings - murmurs of approval can be heard as they start to gather to look over the scene (the crew 'make new friends' and gain a story point).

"How is our dear friend?" Cranium asks Jones as she helps Priest to his feet. "I'll be fine" says Priest. "Rather fortunately for you Ms Jones" adds the Dr. "Whaaaaaat?" says Jones. The crew make a hasty retreat back towards the dockyards.

Gabby gained enough experience to increase her combat ability by 1 point. The Dr managed to gain a toughness level. In all they gain 6 credits from the diversion.


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