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The Flower of Ascendency Campaign Game 1 - Passage to Brindia

For the prologue to the campaign you should start here first:

Under cover of the pre-dawn darkness the Wizard Red-Dawn exited the capital of Grailand. The guards at the east gate from which the small party rode out none the wiser of the weight of expectation on the riders as they passed through. To them just another dawn patrol - but to the Seven riders who emerged from the city and cantered along the road eastwards this was far from normal. The Knight, Cedric, led the way, one of General Gethwin's chosen. He was followed by Roland, his man at arms, two soldiers (Arthur and William) who would try and provide protection to the party. A cloaked figure rode behind them - a thief named Celia. She would be useful using her network and secret ways. The last two figures were robed - the taller of the two Red-Dawn the Wizard rode alongside the other, a female, her name was Sister Magdelene. The party were making haste to the small port of Lothan - there Celia had arranged passage to the Khemish port of Brindia.

Unbeknown to them, in the north east, another party was heading to Lothan. Led by the Necromancer Kargan, this group was to stop the Wizard or delay him enough for the poison to overcome the Princess. Kargan had two patrons - financial in the form of Baron Dorhan and spiritual in the guise of the Cult of Cleansing.

So starts game 1 of the Frostgrave Campaign. Red-Dawn and his party must gather what supplies they can in Lothan and rendezvous with the sea captain Sanbid. The Necromancer Kargan must deny him supplies and try and block his entry aboard the waiting ship before the tide turns.

THE PORT OF LOTHAN. The ship waiting to take Red-Dawn is to the north and the small town itself were supplies await.

Kargan and his party Red-Dawn and his band The Waiting ship of Sanbid

Red Dawn uncovers some supplies But also disturbs some giant rats! Kargan locates some supplies and a thug!

The thug despatched, Kargan Meanwhile Red-Dawn and Sister Kargan's apprentice also enters the

rendezvous with a local shady contact Magdelene advance into Town Town with two thugs and a large dog!

After turn 3: Red-Dawn has secured 1 cache of supplied and despatched 2 giant rats. Sister Magdelene has unsuccessfully cast Elemental ball and suffered 1 damage. While, Arthur the Archer has successfully inflicted 2 wounds on one thug and 3 on another! Kargan in deep conversation with his new contact has also secured 1 cache of supplies. The red X's mark unclaimed supplies.

A crowd gathers to watch the Sister Magdelene moves with Roland Khali moves up with two thugs and the

commotion - as two thugs claim (man at arms), Celia and Arthur (the big dog to block Magdelene.

another supply cache for Kargan. (archer) to contest a supply cache.

By turn 6 Khali has claimed another supply Cache for Kargan (whose party now have three!). Red-Dawns party have only 1 - but Sister Magdelena groups have inflicted some injuries on their opponents - with two thugs on 7 wounds or more!

Turn 7 sees Red-Dawn claim a second supply Cache in the ruins and he now has sight of Captain Sanbid and his awaiting ship.

He has 3 turns to get to the ship before the tide starts to turn and the captain is forced to put to sea without the Wizards party!

Red-Dawn secures cache number 3 Magdelene dashes to the ship and uses Red-Dawn and his party alight the ship and is within touching distance of the Fog to cover her escape. Celia meanwhile covered by Arthurs bow they cast

awaiting ship! is felled protecting the Sister from the dog away in the nick of time!

Red-Dawn's luck held fast as he made it aboard the ship on the last turn - amidst shouts from the ships crew to hurry. The securing of three supply cache's grants him sufficient funds to add two more soldiers to his party. He also manages to gain a magic sword (+2), an Amulet of Resistence and a 'Shield' Grimoire. The Thief Celia - is lucky - tended by the magic of Sister Magdelene she will make a full recovery. The Wizard instructs Captain Sanbid to put in at Red Cliff Bay - home of Haulus the Grey. Red-Dawn knows that in Haulus's hilltop library will be the instructions for the potion that might save the princess will be in the Sacred book of healing. He needs to speak with Haulus or at least find the Sacred Book of Healing.

Meanwhile Kargan watches his foe skip away on the tide. He will have to wait for the next tide to take after the lucky Wizard. Still, he managed to secure 3 supply cache's with enough gold to hire a thief and an Apothecary (with healing potion) to add to his retinue. He also gained a Staff of Power (+1) and several Grimoires (Fog and Poison Dart). Stuck at Lothan for the moment he signals ahead via the Cults network - and requests that an Orc brigand camp near Red Cliff bay block Red-Dawns efforts.

Red Cliff Bay - location of Haulus the Grey's library - and Game 2 of the Campaign!

To be continued........


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